PSO technology | The benefits

Let us give you all benefits of spraying a cream at a glance

Applying a cream by simple spraying the cream onto the skin, has highly beneficial advantages compared to the conventional way of applying a cream.

  • Hygienic and efficient use

  • No contamination of the cream, no re-contamination, no cross contamination

  • Easy to use, just spray on, always the right dosage

  • Spray’s on in a thin uniform layer

  • No need to touch damaged, irritated or infected (baby) skin

  • One hand use; keeps your hands free of cream

  • Free of coloring agents, parabens, ethanol and allergens. Free of perfumes; Perfume is or can be added to skin caring products

  • Very economical in use; only 0,2 ml every time you spray!

  • Baby Care: You never have to leave the baby unattended; one hand use

  • One product can be used for multiple people/babies; no cross-contamination

  • Zinc oxide: The skin caring cream is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves an effective thin protective zinc oxide layer behind; double care!

Skin care, hygienic, easy & quality

Skin care

Quick absorbtion
Softens & Calms
Nourishes & Protects
Promotes natural skin restoration
Hydrates & restores skin-moisture-balance
Hygienic and efficient use


No contamination of the cream
No need to touch damaged skin
No danger of re-contamination or cross contamination


One hand use
Keeps your hands free of cream
Dosed application
Economical in use


Best possible ingredients
Free from allergens
Free from colouring agents
Free from parabens
Free from preservatives
Free from alcohol
No added gas or air