Know your skin | Dry skin

What causes dry skin

When washing the skin fats are extracted from the skin, for example, by regularly wash with soap, the skin is literally “degreased”. The skin is clean and smells good, but it is not desirable for the quality and function of the skin. Due to lack of skin fat the moisture in the skin can more easily evaporate. Many washing with soap and water therefore cause dry skin.

There are professions where people are in constantly contact with water, skin degreasing substances or in high regularity should wash their hands with (disinfectant) soap; such as nurses, doctors, cleaners, cooks, mechanics, painters, surgeons, etc. In these professions, there is a significant risk of dehydration of the skin, especially the hands.

In winter months, dry air, freezing temperatures and biting wind, but also due to dry air in house caused by central heating, there is an increased risk of skin dryness. It is often not limited to the hands, but the skin of the whole body has become too dry. The skin needs extra attention!

Your skin doesn’t have to be dry

When is skin too dry?

Skin moisture is under normal circumstances precisely tuned / controlled. A proper amount of skin fats ensure that exactly the right amount of moisture may evaporate through the skin. When less skin fats are present, there may be more moisture to evaporate through the skin. The skin moisture balance then be compromised and the skin dries out. This creates a red scaly skin and also chapped or broken skin can easily arise.

What can you do about it

The skin has a natural self-recovery capability, same as the rest of the human body. In case of a (very) dry skin, it is important to stop the things that are causing the problem. When the skin is too dry, the skin itself will produce extra ‘skin fats’ to replace the amount that is washed away to recover the skin barrier. In the ideal situation, so when the skin gets its rest, it takes about 1 week for this recovery. To help the skin, the use of a moisturizing cream with protective ingredients is very useful. The base cream of the pump spray-on formulations has proven 24 hours hydration properties and is regenerative. The basic body spray can help a dry skin to recover.