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The right way of applying a cream

For decades companies are searching for the right way of applying a cream. Some, more expensive brands offer a sort of little spoon together with their products. This little spoon must stimulate the user to take the right volume of cream out of the jar and not touching the cream that stays in the jar. The reason is to not contaminate the cream. But it is difficult to ‘learn’ consumers/users to use the spoon, maybe because it feels too complicated and users prefer to use their fingers.

This is one of the reasons why it is impossible to create a cream without a preservative system. Products that contain water need to have a preservative system when they are frequently in contact with air and bacteria, coming of (dirty) fingers. There is an ongoing search to find the right and most harmless preservatives. At the same time the discussion about safety and the health risks connected to the use of preservatives keeps on going.

The new standard for the application of a cream!

Pump spray-on bottle

We understand that it is difficult to believe that a day cream and night cream will be presented in a pump spray-on bottle, but think about hygiene and contamination and it is suddenly not a bad choice. Such products are not meant to spray directly onto your face, but it is possible and easy to use.

For baby- and child skincare it is also a very good choice. You don’t have to be afraid that your child is painting the wall with its favorite cream. They cannot get the cream out of the spray bottle. (Until a child reaches a certain age of course).

We have created in the cosmetic area an extra nourishing hand cream, a moisturising and refreshing feet cream and a 24-hour moisturising body cream. One of our main products with a cosmetic status in the EU are cream sprays to treat diaper rash in babies and adults. Also all kinds of other cream sprays to use for different skin disadvantages are part of our assortment. Cream in a pump spray-on bottle is a well considered choice.