PSO technology | A unique spray pattern | Thin Layer Tech (TLT)

A unique spray pattern with Thin Layer Tech (TLT)

Our products provide every time you use them a thin mist of cream of only 0,2 ml. The search for the perfect cream formulation and the sprayer on every bottle resulted in the ideal combination.

This ideal combination creates a thin layer of cream onto the skin. This thin layer is important, because it is common knowledge that a thin layer of cream let in general active ingredients work faster. ‘Hidden’ in a thick layer of cream this is more difficult. The explanation is simple; in a thick layer of cream, the active ingredients on the top of this thick layer will not reach the skin. And when a cream contains fatty substances/ingredients or mineral oils, these substances will prevent the skin to absorb the cream.

The new standard for the application of a cream!

Thin Layer Technology (TLT)

Fatty substances or mineral oils will ‘close’ the skin. When the skin can’t absorb the cream, the cream stays on the skin or the clothes, a towel, a diaper or anything else will absorb it. This also means that the active ingredients will not become ‘active’, because they are not absorbed or come in contact with the skin. This is complete contradicted to our base cream, where the active ingredients come directly in contact with the skin and therefore can work faster. The base cream doesn’t contain skin-closing ingredients, like mineral oils. And that is what you want.

The pump-spray-on products have a special spray applicator that produces a thin ‘mist’ of cream on the skin. This is called Thin Layer Technology (TLT). By using a sweeping movement, TLT assures a bigger coverage of the only 0,2 ml of cream that comes with every single application.

A sweeping movement is recommended when using a Zinc oxide cream spray for the treatment of diaper rash or other skin problems. It produces a bigger coverage and the skin can be very sensitive or even painful in such cases. So when the affected area is covered with cream, it is not necessary to rub the cream. The normal spray pattern of the spray cap is almost round, with ‘more’ cream on the ‘outside’ of the circle. Spraying with a certain distance to the skin, 10 to 15 cm, you will notice a mist of cream and less a circle.

To sweep or not to sweep

If it is not necessary or easy to use a sweeping movement, for example when using a hand-, foot- or body cream. In these situations it is recommended to spray the cream first in your hand and then gentle rub into the skin. Do not use too much cream, because that is not necessary. It is better to take some extra cream then taking too much cream in the beginning.

A thin layer of cream makes it possible that the skin will quickly absorb the basic formulation. TLT makes it possible to use the right dosage for a cream. After the right dosage is applied on the skin, it is not necessary to rub in the cream, or even to touch the skin when it is too sensitive. Use a sweeping movement while spraying and get the best coverage/result.

Note: If your product does not produce this thin mist of cream, but more drops of cream, it is most likely that you didn’t purchase a spray that is produced, based on the patented pump spray-on platform technology, where we are talking about on this website.

Advantages of TLT

  • TLT makes it possible the cream can be quickly absorbed, leaving the skin nourished, hydrated and cared for 

  • Integrated active ingredients can work more optimal and much quicker

  • It is general knowledge that thin layer applications show better results and acceptance by the skin and promote natural skin recovery

  • TLT provides a unique spray pattern and makes it possible to cover a bigger area

  • TLT leaves no fatty residue behind on the skin  and the skin does not feel sticky

  • TLT makes it possible to let the skin breathe, which is important for it’s ‘healing’

  • TLT makes it possible that products can be hygienically dosed and exhibit a high degree of user satisfaction associated with the use

(Positive) Disadvantages of TLT

  • Because the cream will be quickly absorbed, integrated active ingredients can work more optimal and much quicker, which may be felt with a certain sensation.

  • The quick action of the (active) ingredients on a ‘damaged’ skin, may, especially visual, let the skin look/turn red, what can be seen as a positive reaction (increased blood flow).

  • After applying the water-oil based cream with the rapid available ingredients, a slight tingling or prickle sensation might be felt, when applied on a (slightly) irritated skin. Such a (baby) skin can be very sensitive; the temperature of the cream (max 25ºC) feels ‘cold’ on the ‘hot’ skin in the diaper and spraying the cream can be a surprise. This may cause a chilly feeling onto the warm (baby) skin and together with the ‘unexpected spray cream’, may cause a startle response. Babies will react more intense on these situations then adults do. The reaction and/or sensation is normal and should disappear quickly after application.

TLT: Prevention agains occlusion application

Occlusive application of fatty creams can ‘suffocate’ the skin and may lock in remaining urine salts and/or bacteria on the skin. Abundant and thick cream applications cover inflicted skin areas too much and can inhibit drying of the skin and effectiveness of active ingredients. Occlusive applications may delay a natural skin restoration. TLT is the solution to prevent such situations.