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Diaper rash can be ‘marked’ in different levels such as, light, mild, mild to moderate, moderate and severe. Each level has its own characteristics and visual appearance. Each diaper rash level comes also with its own pain related problems.

A baby’s rash may be something other than diaper rash, such as a yeast infection, psoriasis or impetigo. These rashes are more worse then diaper rash, definitely when they are present same time as diaper rash.

It is advised to call a pediatrician if a baby shows heavy symptoms without knowing what kind rash it is.

Zinc oxide has a protective and weak ‘astringent’ effect on the skin and is used to prevent moisture separation. When the skin is damaged, even when it is not visible, you may feel the working of Zinc oxide, caused by its astringent effect, which will let the skin heal quicker. Please note that it is not the product that causes this effect, but the (broken) skin. Applied on ‘healthy’ skin, this effect will not occur. Depends partly on the base fabric in which it is incorporated, zinc oxide has a stronger drying or cooling effect on the skin. The water that evaporates from the skin after application causes the cooling effect.

Zinc oxide can be used for drying of wet skin, but also to protect healthy skin against irritant / corrosive substances.

There are different reasons. First of all it is not only the purchase price that is important. Also the price per dose is important. When you use less cream then you normally do by using your fingers, the price per dose will be lower. Also the spray cap has a higher price then a cap on a tube or a jar, as you may understand. The production process of the content needs also specific skills, so the production and the production time are more complex.

But in the end you have a high quality skin caring product, easy and hygienic to use. The special benefits of the product and the ability of the cream to let the skin ‘breathe’, are part of the product price.

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