PSO technology | Why a pump spray-on?

Why a pump spray-on and not a pressurized container, or airless continuous spray bottle?

We use a pump spray on bottle because the cream must be shaken before use. The way of formulation of the cream requires that the ingredients must be ‘mixed’ just before use. Because of the water-oil base cream, the active ingredients have better access to the skin, because they are not hidden in a fatty cream.

To make sure all ingredients are applied in the right way and in the right dosage onto the skin, the bottle needs to be shaken just before use. Therefore a certain ‘free’ space in the bottle is needed. In airless bottles, or pressurized bottles, which makes continuous spraying possible, it is not possible to shake the content, because there is no free space available to shake the content. In pressurized bottles there is air or gas added inside the bottle, to build the pressure in the bottle. We do not prefer the use of gas or air in the bottle and to pressurize the bottles for our products.

Our innovative Pump Spray-on Technology

No contamination

The use of a spray prevents the contact of dirty fingers with the cream content inside the bottle and that keeps the cream free of contamination. Touching the spray applicator will not contaminate the cream inside the bottle. This prevents also cross contamination between multiple people. By using a pump, it is possible that a certain amount of cream that remains in the applicator, will dry, and which normally provides a hard piece of ‘old’ cream with the next application. Again, the use of a pump spray-on has the most hygienic advantages for application of a skin caring or medicinal cream.