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Medicated sprays

Medicated creams are very often only available on prescription of a doctor, and contain in most cases a medicinal ingredient. These creams are meant to cure a ‘disease’. There are creams that contain a warning that it is very important to wash hands after applying the cream; like hormone creams or Derma-cortisones.

There are situations where applying the right dosage of cream is most important. Or when the skin is so sensitive that it really hurts when the skin is touched, it is difficult and emotional to apply a cream. Also (re-) contamination of the skin and/or the use of plastic gloves may be a very important considerations for not using a medicated cream from a jar or tube. To prevent cross-contamination every patient has its own general cream(s), what is very costs intensive.

These examples make it clear how the use of a pump spray-on cream would be highly beneficial in such cases. In this website you can read more about The Benefits and extra advantages of using a Pump spay-on cream.

Note: The use of the term ‘medicated cream’ may be different per country, because of regulatory rules and status of a product. Rx (registered medicines), OTC drugs (‘free’ available registered medicines) or creams with an active substance may be mentioned as medicated.

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