It’s all about the base!

Our Base Cream. It’s all in there!

To support the creation of the platform technology, we needed to have a base cream, which could be the start/the basis for every product. This ‘base’ cream must be spray-able and has the highest degree of acceptance by the skin. Subsequently, by adding specific additional active ingredients and/or small reformulation work, this ‘base’ spray-on cream can be turned into a (range of) specifically targeted body care product(s) and high quality problem solving skin care product(s).

The water-oil based pump spray-on base cream provides complete skin care, has high skin caring benefits, is regenerative and has proven 24 hours hydrating properties, because of replenishing and maintaining the skin’s water balance. Almost all ingredients of the cream have a pharma grade and are selected for their skin friendly activity and shown positive track record in cosmetics since years. This is regularly supported by derma tests. The cream has emollient properties, is skin friendly and can be safely applied as often as needed.

Light & thin like a lotion with all the benefits of a cream!

The pump spray-on ‘base’ cream

The pump spray-on ‘base’ cream feels light and thin like a lotion but holds all the important benefits of a cream. When applied to the skin with a gentle sweeping movement, the unique pump spray-on applicator leaves a perfectly dosed and thin layer of cream onto the skin. Because of the thin mist/layer of cream and the precisely chosen ingredients, the skin quickly absorbs the cream.

The cream does not leave fatty residue, does not suffocate the skin and does not lock remaining bacteria onto the skin. The skin is able to ‘breathe’. As a result of the quick absorption of the cream by the skin, all integrated active ingredients will work faster.

After the right dosage is applied on the skin, it is not necessary to rub in the cream, or even to touch the skin when it is too sensitive. It is of course allowed to touch the skin if you want to. Use a sweeping movement while spraying and get the best coverage/result.


We say “thanks, but no thanks” to alcohol!

The base cream does not contain alcohol, parabens, added coloring agents or any skin irritating ingredients.

In our formulations we use C14-22 alcohol (Alkyl alcohol) or Cetearyl alcohol. Both are fatty alcohols. This is a white, solid, wax-like substance often used in all kinds of cosmetic products. Just to be 100% clear; fatty alcohols are absolutely non-irritating and can be exceptionally beneficial for the skin.

With the knowledge “Less is More”, we use only ingredients that are necessary in the formulation of the cream and ingredients without any negatively influence the skin. The well-selected ingredients are chosen because of their quality and allergen free statement. This lowers the risk for allergic reactions from very small to (almost) none.


The well-selected ingredients in the base cream are responsible for the following skin caring properties

  • soothes and calms the skin

  • moisturizes and restores skin-moisture-balance

  • soothes the skin through quick absorption

  • promotes skin restoration

  • helps to protect against minor skin irritations

  • allows the skin to heal naturally

  • is skin friendly, can be applied as often as needed